When times get tough, you really find out who's got your back.





When one of our recent clients, Carlos, was referred to us, he was looking to grow his business by purchasing a new commercial property.

On paper, Carlos was the perfect borrower. He had a strong credit history and enough capital to put down 35%. Unfortunately, the property he was interested in was considered "un-fundable" by mainstream banks because it was an older building, originally built in 1929.

Carlos was in a tough situation. 

He had a purchase contract for 90 days and when all of the banks denied him, he was already at day 70! If he didn’t get the deal done, he was most likely going to have to uproot his life and move his business out of state to lower operating costs. With only 20 days left, we knew we had to do everything we could to make this deal happen.  We did just that. 

Through our expertise and knowledge of tough circumstances, we closed right on time!

We helped Carlos by refinancing another one of his properties, then combining the two properties to the same loan. This cross-collateralization helped secure his new funding before he lost the contract.

In the end, Carlos was able to stay here in LA and provide local jobs, rather than having to take his business elsewhere. Getting the deal done required a lot of hard work, but every bit of it was worth it to have been able to help Carlos and the community!

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