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What are median home prices in Whittier, CA?

Median home prices in Whittier, CA are now hovering at around $479,900, which is $308/sqft. These represent a current premium of about $100,000 above the average home price in California.

Getting a Home Loan in Whittier, CA if you were denied by a Bank

It’s a great time for home buyers to make their American dream become a reality.  Unfortunately, many people looking to obtain home financing in Whittier strike out, with banks simply refusing to fund these loans. This is all because of the turmoil financial markets saw between 2007 and 2012 with the crash of the financial markets. As a result of the financial crisis, lending guidelines have become more stringent and lending options have become scarce.

Opportunity to own a Home in Whittier, CA

Capital Direct Funding understands that good people need to be given the opportunity to own their own homes; Capital Direct Funding recognizes that traditional banking guidelines can never tell the entire story of a person’s ability to take on, and pay for their credit.

Capital Direct Funding is the best Private Money Lending company serving Southern California, and more specifically Whittier, California.

Capital Direct Funding - Dedication to Service in Whittier, CA.

The entire team at Capital Direct Funding value Service.  Helping people is their passion and they seek to anticipate, nurture, and fulfill the needs of clients all over Southern California. They truly embrace this service philosophy regardless of one’s economic, social or cultural background, as a way to further their commitment to their clients.

Financing Residential and Commercial Properties in Whittier, CA

Capital Direct Funding can provide fast funding decisions for both residential and commercial properties in Whittier. They can get you an answer quickly and get you funded promptly because they underwrite loan requests in-house and are the final decision makers.

Making the Loan Process Simple

As one Senior Partner likes to explain, “We make loans simple.  We understand mortgage loans and we make loans happen.  We do more than lend money in Whittier, CA - we help good people achieve a better tomorrow.”


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