Loans to Borrowers Not Eligible for Traditional Financing

We are proud to offer our Private Money Lending services to the California Real Estate market.

We are ready to fund in just days.

We offer loans to borrowers not eligible for traditional financing. An ever growing list of mortgage and real estate professionals have discovered the benefits of working with a Los Angeles private money lender. From start to finish, we are professional, diligent, responsive, and focused on your success. As a family owned and operated business, integrity means everything to us.

We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise when we promised. We offer mortgage and real estate professionals are impeccable, specialized services that are predicated on rewarding your investments. Let us help you make it easy!

Call us today, we'd love to hear from you: (626)796-1680

Capital Direct Funding

Capital Direct Funding - Private Money Lending Los Angeles County


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