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What are median home prices in Long Beach, CA?

Average home prices in Long Beach, CA are currently above $524,000.   Long Beach home prices are currently about $150,000 above the California housing price average.

Getting a home or commercial Loan in Long Beach, CA if you were denied by a Bank

As of this writing there have been over 2,100 recently sold homes in Long Beach, CA.  Unfortunately, some good people out there have been unable to experience the ‘American Dream’ because of strict financial guidelines from traditional lenders or their current situation makes obtaining a mortgage loan from a bank impossible.  These good people have been turned down for a home or commercial real estate loan in Long Beach for a variety of reasons.  These good people, may not have the tax returns that banks are looking for, they may not have good credit, proper bank statements, or even a Social Security number.

These barriers which makes these good people ‘unbankable’ with traditional lenders are welcomed by Capital Direct Funding – the “Best Private Money Lender in Long Beach”, CA.

Opportunity to own a home in Long Beach, CA

Capital Direct Funding is able to assist those in who are looking to become homeowners in Long Beach, CA.  

Capital Direct Funding has helped many good people get the opportunity to own a home in Long Beach.  We only know one way of doing business.  We honor our clients, our staff, as well as the community by providing an uplifting service intent on building a better tomorrow.  We recognize the importance of diversity and treat everyone with mutual respect, dignity, and trust.

Capital Direct Funding - Final Decision Maker in Approving Loans in Long Beach, CA.

How is Capital Direct Funding able to do this when traditional banks shy away from less than perfect loan request? We are able to provide Private Money Lending in Long Beach, CA because we are the final decision makers for approving a loan, and we have in-house underwriters who can quickly and easily analyze a loan package.

Instead of weeks, we can fund a home loan in Long Beach, in as little as 10 days.

Capital Direct loans can provide Hard Money Loans to Long Beach, CA borrowers who are not eligible for traditional financing.

The Best Private Money Lender in Long Beach, CA

If you are in the market for home loan and have been turned down elsewhere, call Capital Direct Funding today.  We would like to show you how the best private money lender in Long Beach CA can help you.

Capital Direct Funding.  We make loans simple.  We make loans happen.  We do more than lending we help good people achieve a better tomorrow.

Have you been turned down for a Home or Commercial Loan in Long Beach, CA - Home and commercial banking Best Private Money Lender in Long Beach, CA

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