Private Equity Based Lending for crisis situations - Los Angeles (Pico Rivera and Downey) Real Estate Alternative Financing

 Purchasing a home

Purchasing a home or investment property can be an exciting and nervous time.  Hopefully you will experience a smooth process all the way to closing.  However, that is not how it always happens. 


Even after you provide a traditional lender with volumes of paperwork and gather all the documents on their needs list: tax returns, credit report, paystubs, proof of funds, and then anxiously wait through a lengthy time period - you can still be denied.  This is where Real Estate Alternative Financing from Capital Direct Funding can be of assistance. We can help you manage these types of crisis situations.


Despite all your efforts you could still be one of the unfortunate 27% of mortgage applicants that are turned down by the top 10 traditional lenders.  The silver lining in this unfortunate situation is if you receive a denial letter early enough in the process to engage a backup traditional lender.   That being the case, keep in mind that most traditional lenders have similar guidelines and all things being equal, you could be turned down again if you have a fatal flaw in your loan application.  Real Estate Alternative Financing has many benefits that can help 

you achieve your financing goals.


At Capital Direct Funding, we can help those in the Los Angeles area who have been denied financing through traditional lenders and we specialize in real estate crisis situations.   We are a Private Equity based lender that specializes in crisis situations.  We are your premier alternative financing source for real estate.


Tax Reporting issues?  No Problem.  Bad Credit, No Credit – No Problem.  

If you are a non-resident alien or a non-citizen with only Tax Identification number (ITIN) , we are your financing source.  Need money quickly? We can help.


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